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‘The action sequences virtually sing with energy, and the novel’s blistering pace never lets up for a moment.  Fleming is indeed skilled, and the book is a pulse-pounding read.’

(Kirkus Review)

‘Crackling, flamboyant…funny, sad and magical.’

(Publisher’s Weekly, where it was a starred review)

‘Charlie Doig…is an unforgettable character…this work is energetic, lavishly expressive, and a great read.  That it also pulses with historic accuracy is a bonus.  Nephew of spymaster Ian Fleming, James deserves a new generation of Fleming fans of his own.’

(Barbara Conaty in Library Journal)

‘Fleming finds an unencumbered, historically penetrating language in which the simplest expository sentences can bring prose, story and setting into a crisp and evocative alignment.’

(Sam Thompson in The Guardian)

‘Fleming carves out his turf with a relish and élan that is both moving and gripping…He captures the contradictions of the period and the rich flavours of elegance and terror compellingly.  This is a tense, thrilling and at times darkly comic novel with a complex central character who bursts off the page.’

(Nicholas Foxton in Time Out)

‘I’m grateful to Fleming for reminding me just how exciting a good novel can be.’

(Sue Baker, who made it Book of the Month for Publishing News)

‘Powerful and moving. Moves at a cracking pace, with plenty of atmosphere and sympathy….romance and pathos in spades.’

(Lewis Jones in The Daily Telegraph)

‘Beautifully written, with baroque energy and style.  It is not at all a comfortable read, for one is taken right into the pitiless barbarity of revolutionary Russia’s murder, misery and martyrdom.’

(Jessica Mann in The Sunday Telegraph)

‘A historical novel with the right kind of hero: virile, ruthless, adventurous. Highly entertaining...superbly handled.’

(William Palmer in The Independent)

‘When the conflagration arrives, no amount of forewarning can prepare us for its gruesome effects…White Blood allows the voice of history to speak for itself.’

(David Horspool in The Sunday Times)

‘A truly Russian epic.  Its language displays a beguiling richness that can contain heart-rending tenderness and infernal cruelty in the space of a single phrase.’

(Hubert Roth in Books Quarterly)

‘A cracking story…the narrative, the dialogue and the intensity of Doig’s emotions drive the story to a savage climax that reads like a modern thriller.  It is the best sort of historical novel.’

(Honor Clerk in The Spectator)

‘Told in an intimate, chatty style and in prose of great originality…From its opening pages, the narrator shows a desperate, obsessional quality which brings out the full, bloody, sensual brutality of his situation…This extraordinary novel…Readers will surely welcome its author to the ranks of our greatest storytellers.’

(Andrew Barrow in The Literary Review)

‘My goodness, James Fleming can tell a story…the last third is as taut as any thriller I’ve read…Cliched as it is to say, I simply could not put this book down.’

(Drew MacLeod in The John O’Groat Journal)

‘Very atmospheric, with a tremendous feeling of place and time...A tense and absorbing read.’

(Janet Hancock in Historical Novels Review)

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“One detects the hand of a master” The Sunday Telegraph